Advertisement Service – Spot Advertising​​

OPEN MIC RADIO broadcasts short commercials created by our clients.

Advertisement Service – Theme Channel

OPEN MIC RADIO establishes Channels oriented on different services, such as Accounting, Insurance, or Medical Services, and where our Clients can place their ads of any reasonable length.

Type of Service: Interview or Lecture by the Advertiser, 30 min. length (variable)

Rate: $60 per broadcast (variable)

Commitment: 30 minutes

 Dedicated Channel Service

OPEN MIC RADIO provides our Clients with Channels to place their own content, which could be done in any language possible.

Type of Service: The Corporate Client rents a channel and owns its content with Support 24/7

Setup:  $250 one-time payment; 

Rate:   by listeners:
  • up to 100 - $200 per month
  • up to 1000 - $500 per month
  • up to 10000 - $900 per month
  • unlimited - $1400 per month

Commitment:  6 months

Recording Service

OPEN MIC RADIO provides our Clients with studio time and technical support.

Type of Service: Studio Recording (no Broadcasting obligations)

Rate: First hour - $80, subsequent hours - $50/hour 

Commitment: 1 hour